Bernie has treated my son who was on a merry go round of antibiotics, thrush, antibiotics, thrush etc etc. During the consultation I had with her, we figured that a lot of his infections came when he was teething and his immunity dipped a little. He got through all of this year without resorting to antibiotics, using Bernie’s teething and cough remedies. She’s great and always has time to listen. Deirdre, Drogheda.

While breastfeeding my daughter Rachel I got my first bout of mastitis which hit me like a ton of bricks. Excruciating pain and severe flu like symptoms. Could not get out of bed. Doctor prescribed 10 days of antibiotics. I took them out of desperation. I used to think that people who kept breast feeding while they had mastitis were totally nuts but when you have a baby who won’t take the bottle you have no choice. Rachel ended up getting thrush in her mouth from me taking the antibiotic and believe it or not I got thrush on my breast. Not so pleasant!

This is when I contacted Bernie. She gave me a remedy for my baby’s thrush and mine. It cleared up in days.

Then came my second bout of mastitis. Wanting to avoid the unpleasantries of the antibiotic I rang Bernie and she gave me a remedy that got rid of the mastitis in days. No thrush, no nasty side effects, I could not believe it!!

Then Rachel got a chest infection. Doctor recommended one week antibiotic. Children with Downs Syndrome have lower immunity and they can get worse fairly quickly. But since my experience with mastitis I had total faith in the remedies. I contacted Bernie and she gave Rachel a remedy. Now it still took a full week to recover, but recover she did. She’s sitting here beside me laughing away.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think Doctors are vital and I’m not disregarding medication all together, but sometimes we can panic and give meds that aren’t really necessary. But Homeopathy has helped me so much. Hope this story helps someone. Avril, Drogheda.

‘Homeopathy has done wonders for me, when I had exhausted what seemed like every medical option. Not only did my homeopathic remedy address the specific problem with which I came to Bernie, it also seemed to address my whole person. Since beginning my remedy, I have felt much happier in myself and much better able to cope with everyday little pressures that would once have overwhelmed me. I feel more like myself than I have in a long time. I am a wholly converted believer to the power of homeopathy.’ Aoife, Dublin.

‘I used to frequently get searing pains in my stomach that would last continually for about 24hrs. There was nothing that would ease the pain. I used to stay awake all night with it. I’d been to the doctors numerous times over the years but the problem was never resolved. Homeopathy worked for me within days and I haven’t had any trouble since.’ Aisling, Dublin.

‘In 2004 I had a hysterectomy at the age of 36. In 2008 I started experiencing menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes, difficulty in sleeping and breast tenderness. I didn’t feel comfortable with using Hormone Replacement Therapy and decided on advice of a friend to try homeopathy. The initial assessment was detailed giving Bernie a great holistic view of my issues. The prescribed remedies have dealt with not only my initial symptoms but also with recurrent back pain and kidney infections.’ Petrina, Drogheda.